Mission and Vision


When the Center established its mission “to empower all individuals to achieve financial wellness through all stages of life,” many people were affected by a recession and were wondering how to provide a comfortable future for their children. For adults, talking about money often brings fear and trepidation, something we as an organization seek to minimize. We do this by providing a confidential place to find out what is most important to the individual, whether it be providing for their current needs, reestablishing themselves financially or preparing for retirement.

We are able to help individuals by finding out what their habits and attitudes are towards money and the things they value most in life. Then we guide them to accomplish the goals they desire and fulfill our vision of being “the trusted resource for improving the financial well-being of all individuals.”

In order to “cultivate youth for a future of financial wellness,” we have to first help them understand the role money and credit plays in the world they live in. Youth tell us that they get most of their financial knowledge through their families. If their families weren’t taught how to manage money, these young people will not build a comfortable future for themselves. Through our workshops, we encourage students to prioritize their education without building unnecessary student loan debt and provide them the tools to use credit wisely. We stress the importance of setting money aside for emergencies, for giving back and for their own futures.