Financial Wellness Programs

For Employers & Veterans Groups:

 Anddlogoccording to the 2016 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 46%of those who are distracted by their finances at work say that they spend three hours or more thinking about or dealing with issues related to their personal finances.

For service members, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and Pioneer Services reports they appear to be more pessimistic about their financial future. A majority (55%) believe they are ill-prepared for a financial emergency

In an effort to bring relief to individuals Explaining Creditconcerned about improving their finances, CFSFC designed the “New Day Dawning Credit Builder” (NDD) program. This program helps individuals build an Emergency Savings Account, Build or Improve their Credit and set up a Personalized Spending Plan. NDD is a series of four sixty-minute classes offered as a lunch and learn or evening series to employees or Veterans.

Contact CFSFC to learn about adding a Financial Wellness Program for your employees or service members by completing the form below. We will contact you to discuss the program in more detail and the best way to get your people involved.