Financial Education Classes

The Center for Smart Financial Choices Mission is ‘to empower all individuals to achieve financial wellness through all stages of life’.  A holistic viewpoint is encouraged through the Center’s hands-on approach which incorporates the individual’s strengths, knowledge, values and goals. This education covers every aspect of a person’s life from youth to senior citizen. Individuals who gain financial competency achieve peace of mind, economic freedom and options to achieve a lifestyle that promotes life-wellness.


Making the Best Money Decisions

  • Going to College-Making the Best Financial Choices
    With the cost of a college education increasing every year, waiting until high school to figure out how you will pay for college, earn some spending money, and still get a good education may be too late. This course will assist students and their families to discuss the options available to ensure their future educational goals are met without incurring tremendous debt.
  • Good Credit Game®
    Learn everything you need to know about credit in a fun, easy way. This hands-on class makes you the lender in a variety of situations. Learn what type of information is important, irrelevant or even illegal to ask. Take that knowledge into the future as you travel the road to good credit.
  • Find Money for Free-Money Management
    Money has the tendency to leak out of our wallets unless you plug the leaks. Find out what your leaks are and how to establish a personal spending plan to keep more money in your wallet. This course will assist you to set goals to achieve financial wellness.
  • Money Habitudes®
    Money Habitudes cards are a great money conversation starter and money personality test. A fun, hands-on tool that makes it easy for people to talk about money. People quickly come to understand how their spending habits, attitudes and values affect their financial decisions.
  • Making a Million-Basics of Investing
    If there’s one thing that all wealthy people have in common it’s this: They invest. Learn why it’s important, how to do it safely and the terms you should know. This course serves as an introduction to the basics of investment planning for young adults and novice investors and will aid them in thinking about their own future investment needs.

What’s your financial temperature?


Too cool means you need a coach to suggest some exercises that will get your finances where you want them to be.

Warm means you are making a good effort to manage your money effectively but could benefit from an annual checkup.

Hot means you have your finances in good shape and may want to increase your wealth by investing



Contact our Primary Care- Financial Wellness Guides

  • Schedule an Individual Financial Checkup
    • For credit and savings improvements
    • Annual Credit Report Review
    • To build a Spending Plan

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Attend a Class with a Wellness Coach

  • We can help you move ‘Beyond the Basics’ to:
    • Build a financial plan
    • Education planning
    • Maximize Retirement Savings