S.A.P.P. Curriculum

Throughout the state of North Carolina, middle school social studies teachers are tasked with the job of including personal finance and economic standards into the rest of their curriculum, which is often a daunting task—how do you incorporate individual financial responsibility into a lesson on the Inca civilization? How do you teach the concept of credit to eighth graders when you don’t have any background in finance yourself?

Knowing that there was a need for a financial curriculum that social studies teachers could use, CFSFC rose to meet the challenge. In early 2016, CFSFC utilized the help of six social studies teachers to create and launch the S.A.P.P. Curriculum in six Forsyth County middle schools. The curriculum starts students on the path to financial competency by learning how the basic concepts of Earn, Spend, Save/Invest, Borrow and Protect have appeared in one form or another throughout history, and then applying these principles to their own financial decision-making. Our hope is to get this curriculum into the hands of every middle school social studies teacher throughout the state of North Carolina.   

One of the creators of the curriculum, Danielle Boyst of Wiley Middle School, commented, “I think the best thing about the S.A.P.P. Curriculum is that it was developed by educators who understand the content, the state educational standards, and most importantly – the students.”

Contact our Youth Program Educator at ypeducator@cfsfc.org for information on how to bring the S.A.P.P. Curriculum to your students. 

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