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financial education, spending money, budgets, adulting

Spending money on Transportation

“Adult for A Day” #AFAD helps your students explore the importance of making smart financial choices in managing a budget while learning how credit scores affect their expenses in an interactive simulation experience. Average duration 1.5 hours; grades 3-12+ (elementary level does not include credit score).

“F.E.T.C.H.” Game-Financial Education Teaches Healthy Habits ® uses an interactive board game to teach youth how to manage money so they can purchase needed items for their pet dog and save enough money to pay for unexpected expenses. Average duration 1.5 hours; grades 3-8.

“Money Habitudes ® for Teens” card game gets students to talk about money in a fun, non-threatening way. Teens will understand how habits, attitudes and values affect financial decisions. Average duration 1 hour; grades 6-12+.

“Going to College-Counting the Cost” is designed to assist middle and high school students in finding out the true cost of college and what they can do now to reduce their reliance on student loans. Average duration 1.5 hours; grades 8-12.

Financial education, youth, good credit, adulting, financial literacy

Good Credit is achievable.

“Starting from Zero” is the fun, easy way to teach about the world of credit. The hands-on curriculum uses an interactive presentation and Good Credit® board game to cover credit reports, credit scores, credit cards, and the dangers of abusing credit. Students will leave this workshop with an abundance of knowledge and tools to help build and maintain good credit. Average duration 1.5 hours; grades 9-12 and college.

“Make a Million—Basics of Investing” introduces students to the concept of making their money work for them. Discussing everything from a basic savings account to investing in stocks, this workshop will equip students with the knowledge needed to make a million! Average duration 1.5 hours; grades 10-12, and college.

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 Info for parents: How to Teach Your Kids The Value Of Money From An Early Age